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The Philosophy of Water Project


The UNT Philosophy of Water Project promotes water education, research, and outreach activities with local and international organizations, providing intellectual analyses, hands-on learning experiences, collaborative connections, and academic conferences. The project has been funded since 2003 by the Dixon Water Foundation and collaborates with departments throughout UNT as well as other (inter)national universities and institutes.



Research is focused on cultural dimensions of watersheds, river, and other water bodies. We seek to integrate political, scientific, philosophical and cultural approaches, thus enhancing comprehension of the complexity of water issues and providing innovative solutions.



The Philosophy of Water Project is engaged in interdisciplinary education that explores water issues at the interface of policy, philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, science and culture. Our goal is to provide comprehensive cultural analyses of local and global water issues.

Art and Culture


Cultural examination is crucial to comprehending the complexity of water issues. Water infuses our everyday experiences, finding cultural expression in myriad forms, from art to advertising. Our collaborative exhibitions and performances as well as our scholarly analyses aim to inspire reflection upon personal and political relationships with water.